Reduce Elbow 5/8-1/2 - GATOR

5/8-1/2 Reduce elbow - 2 piece pack

GATOR fittings, inversions and straight in inches

Joints and angles for imperial copper pipes, inversions and straight with high pressure seal solid brass GATOR joints, allow for the connection of pipes without welding and flaring. GATOR fittings are leak tested and are guaranteed up to 45 bars (1088 PSIG), although sealing results are significantly above 45 bars without generating leaks. They are resistant to temperatures between -40 °C and +120 °C and suitable for all refrigerant HCFC, HFC.

Model: RID. gomito 5/8-1/2 Gator
Dimensions: 5/8-1/2
Quantity: 2 piece pack