FASTLOCK - 16x1 Elbow Union 90°

39004M16A-G - 16x1 Elbow Union 90°

FASTLOCK Joints, corners and T's safe fittings for metric copper pipes with high pressure resistance, in solid brass, entirely produced in Italy. They allow for the connection of pipes without welding and flaring. They are push-in joints with the final screwing by torque wrench or ordinary wrench. They are guaranteed to be leak-proof and can be used with flammable refrigerants and CO2. The internal sealing mechanism is patented and it comes with all seal tests and certifications. They are suitable for metric copper tubes with diameters ranging from 1 to 22 mm. FASTLOCK fittings are reusable as they are internaly equipped with an ogive and a gasket, both replaceble.

Model: 39004M16A-G