Washing kit system for internal pipes with pump - KPLI

Washing kit system with pump - KPLI

Electric Flashing kit for cleaning all internal pipes of HVAC and refrigeration systems; it is composed by all the necessary tools for deep cleaning of lines. The machine or electric pump is in-fact designed and built to manually reverse the flow of the liquid and to evacuate it at the end of the operation. For these operations and any other, please carefully consult the instruction booklet. The machine and its components are compatible with all non-flammable detergents. Finally, it is equipped with an easy-to-replace transparent filter.
The KPLI flushing kit consists of the following components:
1 solid electric pump anchored on a containing iron structure and transportable with a large handle.
2 sets of universal cones (adapters) for sectional washing of the system (no washing of filters, expansion valves, etc., only pipe washing).
2 pipes of 2 meters each in resistant PVC model Rilsan with female straight connection ¼ SAE and female 45°   ¼ SAE connection and tap
1 1mt hose in resistant PVC, Rilsan model, with swivel female ¼ SAE connection and final 45 ° ¼ SAE connection and tap
1 hose of 1 mt in resistant PVC model Rilsan, with both fittings f. ¼ SAE 45 °, no tap.
1 10lt rigid plastic tank and cap.
1 230V power cable
The pump works with any non-flammable products: it is forbidden to use any solvent/alcohol based detergent; we suggest the use of our product NOA not included in the kit.

Washing Pump technical features

Detergent liquid flow rate per minute range from 5lt a/to 40lt
Maximum pressure 4.5bar
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Motor power 650 W
Operating temperature up to max 40°
Pump size on metal structure cm 26 x 21 x 43
Pump weight with mobile metal structure 10.6 kg
Packaging dimensions cm 41 x 36 x 50

Codice: 31006095
Modello: KPLI