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TCC10 Colour camera

TCC10 - Colour camera

Colour camera

It is a versatile instruments useful in various enviroments: building industry for identifying and preventing mould and thermal bridge; in thermo hydraulic industry for finding elctrical and mechanical tear and wear; ideal for inspection of air ducts, evaporators, condensing units and for searching oil and refrigerant leakages in angust areas. TCC10 has a gun handle tool and it has a display and analogic prompts, minimum focus distance 0,3 mt, NETD sensitivity ≤ 45mk.

IR sensor resolution 256 x 192 pixel @ 12 µm
Minimum focus distance 0.3 meters
Camera resolution 200W pixel
Thermal sensitivity NETD ≤ 45mk
Display resolution 240 x 320 pixel
Image views IR , PIP (picture-in-picture), MIF (mixed)
Temperature range -20°C a +150°C +100°C a +550°C
(Automatic scale change)
Temperature Operating: -15°C +50°C;
Storage: -40°C +70°C
Dimensions 194 x 61.5 x 76 mm
Weight 375 g

Code: 29070000
Model: TCC10
Description: Colour camera