KIT N2-H2 - Nitrogen/Hydrogen kit

KIT N2-H2 - Nitrogen/Hydrogen kit

Nitrogen/Hydrogen kit

Special kit for finding leaks on all systems through injection in to the system blend of nitrogen (95%) and hydrogen (5%) - With this system you can find a leak less than 2 grams/year - You inject in to the system a pressure of 5 bar of this blend and with our detector "Sniper" you can find easy every leak with extreme precision.Our SNIPER leak detector is suitable for all refrigerants and all combustible gases. The cylinder of blend inside our kit is pressurized up to 110 bar and can be used more than once. Our kit is supplied with the following items:

  • Sniper leak Detectors
  • Nitrogen reductor unill 50 bar max
  • One 1 Kg.cylinder brass reduction
  • Pressure gauge with ball valve and colour coded sections
  • One kg. cylinder pressurized untill 110 bar (Blend off 95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen)
  • Spray leak detector
  • 90 cm flexible hose
  • Brass reduction 5/16x1/4 sae
  • Polypropilen case

The kit is suitable for presurization up to 50 bar by using nitrogen.

Code: 01004005
Model: KIT N2-H2
Description: Nitrogen/Hydrogen kit