PL-430 - Portable Lifter Black Diamond

PL-430 - Portable Lifter

Portable Lifter Black Diamond

It is a powerful tool for lifting heavy objects, such as air conditioning systems; indoor and outdoor units, electric roller doors, etc. it can also be used to lift heavy objects in different areas. Compared to its capacity, the lift is relatively light (about 30 kg) in transport as it is equipped with wheels and a handle.

Weight load capability Max: 90 Kg > 4mt - 120 Kg < 4 mt
Lifter Weight: 25,6 Kg
Height Min: 114 cm
Width Reach Legs: 115x116 cm

Plate weight Plate size Height Max Size of Lifter packed Volt Watt
4,6 kg 75x45 cm 427 cm 25x27x111 cm 220 V 1100 V
Safety Feature Remove cable length
Cable lenth

Yellow notch: Indicates height from 3,6 to 4 meters
Red notch: Indicates exceeding
of 4 meters in height

4 mt

2,8 mt

Model: PL-430
Description: Portable Lift