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Double stage electronic vacuum pump VPEA-DIGIT-71-DEV - 71 lt./min

VPEA-DIGIT-71-DEV - 71 lt./min

Electronic vacuum pump

Electronic vacuum pump that enables the user to create a vacuum in the system at a fully automatic mode by selecting your preferred vacuum settings. After configuring the vacuum time (in automatic mode) The EVCO1 monitors all phases of the vacuum cycle and tests the system’s air-tightness. A multi-colored LED gives a visual and acoustic signal to indicate any malfunctions or incorrect actions.

On the LCD display are readable the following:

  • Ultimate vacuum
  • Vacuum time
  • Vacuum test
  • Error messages

This pump operates also in manual mode by selecting the desidered function on its display. Its main automatic procedures are as it follows:

Initial vacuum test - To assess whether all conditions for vacuum are met

Vacuum - The vacuum measurement is shown on the display in MBar - Megapascal - PSI (the user can decide)

Vacuum time - the time elapsed or remaining for creating the vacuum

Vacuum end test - the air-tightness of the plant is checked up to 3 times

Equipped with multicolour Led bisides its acoustic and visual reminder in case of errors and malfunctions. The VPEA-DIGIT pump is easy to service thanks to its programmed oil change message scheduled after 100 hours of actual use.

Technical specifications 42 Lt. 71 Lt. 128Lt.
Capacity in litres/minute 42 71 128
Solenoid valve
Final vacuum 0,05 mbar
Voltage 220-50 V
Motor power (hp) 1/3 1/3 1/2
Weight (Kg.) 7,7 kg. 7,9 kg. 8,6 kg.
Precision of measurement +/- 1% of the vacuum level

Code: 03001115
Flow rate: 71 lt./min
Electric valve: Yes
Electronic module: Yes