PVB-27 Double stage battery vacuum pump

PVB-27CORPO - 27,6 lt./min

PVB-27 battery vacuum pump

The battery-powered double stage vacuum pumps are light and robust to make the installer's work on Splits easier and faster. This pump has a two-phase motor and can reach vacuum values ​​around 0.039 Mb (30 Micron, 4 pa). Suitable for all refrigerants, including R410 and R32, it can have various and different applications (vacuum packaging, medical machines). it is designed for 18 V lithium-ion batteries. Other equivalent battery models such as BOSCH and MAKITA can be used with adapter included.
Motor speed 2000 rpm - Dimensions: 252x95x155 mm - Net weight 3.5 Kg

Code: 03001107
Model: VPEA-42-DEV
Flow rate: 27 lt./min
Vacuum gauge: No