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CF-412 - Nitrogen/Hydrogen Leak Detector with case

CF-412 - Nitrogen/Hydrogen kit

CF-412 Nitrogen/Hydrogen Leak Detector

The device is built to detect leaks in a mixture consisting of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen, and it is able to quickly detect leaks of less than 5 ppm. The use of the instrument by specialized personnel is recommended.

Technical specifications
Operating Temp 0 to 40°C
Power Supply 4 AA Batteries (6V CC)
Battery Life About 12 hours normal use
Warm up time About 45 seconds
Probe length 15,5”
Dimensions 8,4 x 2,5” - 0.88 lbs
Ultimate Sens. From 5 ppm

Code: 29027018
Model: CF-412
Description: Combustible Gas Leak Detector
CF-412 is equipped with case